VOTE !! 

for the Chugach Electric Board of Directors

Well, who do I vote for?

Voting 101:

Spread the word!

Whether or not you pay an electricity bill to Chugach, you can still use your voice to shape a better energy system for our lands communities and our economy.

So tell your friends! Talk about it at parties! And, because we think word of mouth is SO powerful - we'll give you free art for spreading the word! (info below!)

Art for Energy 2024 

How to earn a free mini print mailed to you:

What is Chugach Ratepayers Alliance anyway?

We are a volunteer led organization that exists to inform Ratepayers of Chugach Electric association of the power they hold. Our goals are to:

💡educate Ratepayers

💥catalyze member engagement 

✴️ push for renewable energy

🌊 sustain healthy people lands and waters

How can I keep up with what you're doing?

The majority of our outreach happens on social media. Scroll on down to the bottom to get linked in to our Facebook and Instagram accounts!